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Renewable Energy

Biogas production from Water Hyacinth

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I was a Project Research Fellow in the Department of Environmental Studies, Visva-Bharati University, in collaboration with the University of Leeds, UK. Project- “BEFWAM: Bioenergy, Fertilizer and Clean Water from Invasive Aquatic Macrophyte” Grant No: BB/S011439/1

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Performance of Micro-Solar Dome

Sunset on Solar Panels
Koppen duration.tiff

Performance prediction of the Micro Solar Dome in different climatic regions of India from pilot-scale by Random Forest algorithm. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments.


GhoshThakur, R., Basu, A., Haque, Z., Bhattacharya, B., GonChaudhuri, S., & Balachandran, S. (2022).

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